Negotiating A Domain Purchase

Nothing beats a good, keyword domain. It is the same as the location, location, location rule of real estate. After all, domain names are the real estate of the internet.

The buyer wants to buy low and the seller wants to sell high.

A lot of people contact me to find out the price of one of my domains. Sometimes they have no intention of buying; they are just kicking tires. All they did was to waste their time and mine. Please don't.

Some people want to know the lowest price I will take for a domain. To this, there is no cheap answer. These domains are for sale but I am not in business to give them away. If you want dirt cheap domains with poor locations - poor word groups; poor extensions; and long names - find them on Ebay.

The best way to negotiate for a good and fair price is to send me an offer. If I see it in writing, I am more apt to think you are serious. If I think you are playing games, I am more likely to play as well. Please don't be offended.

Some of my domains are prime and will command a high price but some are average but still good SEO; these will go for less. Some are worth two or three hundred bucks; some two or three thousand; some are worth a lot more. So, don't think all these domains are above your reach but be reasonable with me and offer a fair price. Maybe we will toss numbers back and forth a few times - but don't let that scare you.

If we can't reach a win-win price for a purchase, you might want to consider leasing the domain for a while to see how well it works for your project.

Email your offer to the address on the card on the HOME page. I will be happy to talk with you.